Can you still put yourself out there?

26 November, 2019

"The game and the engines have been and still are part and parcel of the life of all of us, giving us back pleasant, exciting and shared memories with many friends... maybe we just need to remember the simplest and most authentic emotions".

How long has it been since you've talked to a child? How long has it been since you've watched him in his games? Have you ever asked a question to a child and received an extremely logical but totally unexpected answer. And even without bothering the poetics of Pascoli's Child of Pascoli's memory, it is easy to understand how destructuring, collaborating, relaxing, inventing, smiling, can help to find those "simply logical" answers that the daily superstructures hide.

Well... what does all this have to do with the Fratelli Cozzi Museum? Simple, besides organizing dinners, meetings and congresses, now you can also organize some Team Building activities using both the museum area and the brand new Sala Rossa. Today, in particular, we want to talk to you about LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® .

As we were saying, the game and the engines have been part and still are part of the life of all of us giving us back pleasant, exciting and shared memories with many friends.

This is how the idea of organizing experiential events inside the Museum using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® bricks was born. Thanks to the presentation of aLEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certified facilitator ,who for the Fratelli Cozzi Museum will be Giorgio Beltrami, it willbe possible to organizeitineraries aimed at organizations and companies that want to face questions and solve problems by breaking the mould, guaranteeing the full engagement of everyone, believing that solutions can be born "from below" and convinced that creativity and "serious play" are the conditions to create something new, concrete and involving.

As we build, we become an active part of the learning process and, always building, we give shape to stories that we share with colleagues also involve the emotional part of each of us. Maria Montessori is known for making explicit a truth as simple as it is extraordinary: "hands are the organ of intelligence".

"Think with your hands" help to be faster, more concrete and effective reducing waste of time and words and an elegant and emotional environment like the Fratelli Cozzi Museum is the perfect setting to stimulate thought and action.

How can I activate and Engage fully my team in the development of a solution creating an atmosphere of trust mutual? How can I improve the degree of integration between multiple teams or business areas? How can I enhance resources such as creativity, storytelling and imagination in developing a solution? And how can I make my team faster?

These are just a few questions that can be answered with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.

"Engage by creating trust."