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The NEW Quadrifoglio 1994

September 10, 2022

"Italy is the country I love."

Silvio Berlusconi in the video message with which he stood for election in 1994

It is no coincidence that one of the most popular TV series of recent years (starring Stefano Accorsi and Miriam Leone) is titled 1994: in this year, in fact, Italy puts a stone on the First Republic and sees the beginning of the Second, with the victory on March 28 of the new premier Silvio Berlusconi.

1994 is also the year that we Italians link to the attack in Mogadishu, in which journalist Ilaria Alpi and cameraman Miran Hrovatin lost their lives, but also to that terrible May 1 in which driver Ayrton Senna died during a race at the Imola racetrack. 

The year of the theft of Munch's The Scream from the Oslo museum, the peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, the Oscar to Schindler's list, Italy second in the 1994 US World Cup.

1994, the year that ends with Frank Sinatra's last, splendid live concert, in Tokyo. 

While all this is going on, Il Quadrifoglio magazine remains the benchmark in Alfa Romeo cars and luxury lifestyle for Italian Alfisti. 

We dive back into the Cozzi.Lab this hot summer to start again with an exciting journey through the history of Italian costume in 1994.

Belts securely fastened, off we go!

 "We aimed to enhance the sportiness of the car and the qualities of the driver, setting aside gadgets and electronic flattening" Alfa Romeo about Spider and GTV

"we will do it with a light hand, i.e. giving fantasy and image predominant roles'.

ettore massacesi, talking about the rebirth of il quadrifoglio".

two masterpieces of alpha technology

No, it is not a typo but it is a brilliant title for an article entirely dedicated to Spider and GTV, the two Alfa Romeo gems presented at the Paris Motor Show.

Design is at the center, and the pictures show it: the photos below show Walter De Silva, then head of the Centro Stile in Arese, touching up sketches of his latest designs.

What do you say, do you like these shots from almost two decades ago?

the steering wheel gene

Perhaps not everyone knows that Gene Gnocchi, in addition to still being a formidable comedian, has also always been an avid Alfist.

Excerpts from this article are hilarious, including: "With the household consisting of nine elements, my father had bought the right car for us: the Alfa Duetto. To take us to the beach in Riccione, he made eight trips, and by the time he arrived with Andrea, the last one, I had already finished my vacation, but in return I had already contracted the alfista virus." 


A bike rack that automatically lifts up, an umbrella stand that looks like a quiver, a bag for fins (and rifle? and goggles?), and a fridge worthy of James Bond

Manuela Piscini for the Quadrifoglio stages a funny love story between a motorist and an Alfa Romeo 145 as a pretext for presenting dozens and dozens of classy options



Guest star Alessandro Nannini, famous driver, returns, this time to test the new 164 Q4 all-wheel-drive car on the Varano circuit.

Not just circuit: Nannini also tests the 164 Q4 in the Sienese hills, where he was born, in a successful advertising campaign!


Finally, we close with a curiosity:

an "errata corrige" straight from the 1990s: how nostalgic for those genuine magazines!

That's all for this month, too: keep following along for the 1995 journey with the Quadrifoglios!