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The NEW 1995 Quadrifoglio

October 10, 2022

"Don't worry, I am a collector of broken laser pointers."

The first buyer in the history of eBay addressed to the first seller and founder of the platform, 1995

On September 3, 1995, Pierre Omidyar was finally ready to launch his invention, the ecommerce platform Auctionweb (which we all know today as eBay).

Not knowing what kind of item to put up for sale to give it a try, Omidyar published a broken and unusable laser pointer, good only for testing the platform.

The amazing fact is that the item was purchased by a man who, when informed of the condition of the laser pointer, replied, "No problem, I am a collector of broken laser pointers."

The buyer bought the pointer for $14.83, significantly more than the dollar from which Omidyar had started as the base auction price.

1995 was also the year that Sweden, Austria and Finland joined the European Union, as well as the year that thanks to one of the two Keck telescopes ,in Hawaii, we first saw one of the most distant galaxies from planet Earth. 

Not only eBay: Yahoo was also born in 1995, while the cult film Forrest Gump triumphed at the Oscars (6 statuettes, including Best Actor Tom Hanks).

On April 1, and this is no joke, a Sri Lankan company launched an item we will all learn about: the cell phone. 

While all this is going on, Il Quadrifoglio magazine remains the benchmark in Alfa Romeo cars and luxury lifestyle for Italian Alfisti. 

We dive back into the Cozzi.Lab this hot summer to start again with an exciting journey through the history of Italian costume in 1995 .

Shall we leave?

 "It seemed to me a car affordable by everyone but with the flaw of first ladies: you can never give it too much confidence" Michele Alboreto on the new 146

"we will do it with a light hand, i.e. giving fantasy and image predominant roles'.

ettore massacesi, talking about the rebirth of il quadrifoglio".

the quality of life

Compact, but with surprising roominess. Station wagon trunk and top class seats.

The new 146 is a "true Alfa Romeo" because of the personality of the front end, the wedge line of the body, the power and oer many other reasons.

The new Quadrifoglio presents it to alfisti, with a special guest--which you'll see by scrolling down!

for the family with an alpha heart

Former Ferrari driver Michele Alboreto tests the new 146 for Quadrifoglio readers. 

A flock of compliments for the novelty designed by Walter de' Silva at the Alfa Romeo Style Center and only one flaw noted: the unsporty wheels. A remark right out of an F1 champion!


Passion accessories: we are right in the 1990s! Just as in the 1994 issue, the magazine features dozens of options for the 145 that can turn the car into the perfect family travel companion.

Sea, mountains, countryside--you are spoiled for choice!


In 1995 Austrian engineer Rudolf Hruska, the father of historic Alfa Romeo cars such as the popular Alfasud (as well as some versions of the Alfetta and the new Giulia Super), left us.

The Cloverleaf remembers him with period photographs and advertisements.


In the 1990s there were truly many opportunities for Alfa Romeo fans and buyers to get involved.

We see, for example, a contest dedicated to Alfa dealerships (we should definitely ask Pietro if the Fratelli Cozzi dealership also participated!) and a list of Alfa Romeo clubs published in the magazine.

A list that is very reminiscent of our Wall of Fame!

That's all for this month, too: keep following along for the 1996 journey with the Quadrifoglios!