Everyone is welcome at the Museum! 

21 aprile, 2022


From this month on, our newsletter will also be available in English! Continue reading: this news bilingual, too! 

Il Museo ha davvero tanti amici, e non solo in Italia. 

Lo sapevi? 

Oltre ai membri dei vari Alfa Club sparsi per il mondo, abbiamo tanti fan non madrelingua italiani in tutta Europa, negli USA, in Giappone e non solo. 

Ogni mese pubblichiamo tante news e inviamo ai nostri follower una newsletter che le contiene tutte, così abbiamo pensato di dedicare ai nostri amici (che non conoscono l’italiano) una versione “sintetica” dei testi della newsletter in inglese. Perché le news si trovano tutte già tradotte nel sito! LINK  

Cosa ne pensi, ti piace l’idea? 

Se sì, è arrivato il momento di iscriverti alla nostra newsletter… da oggi anche in inglese!  

The Museum really has many friends, and not only in Italy. 

Did you know that? 

In addition to the members of the various Alfa Clubs around the world, we have many non-native Italian fans throughout Europe, in the USA and beyond. 

Since every month we publish a lot of new news and send a newsletter that contains them all, we decided to dedicate a summarized version of the newsletter in English to our friends who do not know Italian (you can find all the news already translated on the site). 

What do you think, do you like the idea? 

If so, now is the time to subscribe to our newsletter… now also in English! 

Everyone is welcome at the Museum 

The main news of the month is this news, indeed! From today our monthly newsletter will also be summarized in English. Where can you find it? Just subscribe here and look for the space dedicated to English-speaking friends at the bottom of each newsletter. Click and learn more about the world of the Fratelli Cozzi Museum! 

Banca Sella adopts a car 

Do you know about the Adopt a Car initiative? It is a way that the Museum makes available to companies and individuals to support the restoration and maintenance work of the Museum while giving support to the beauty and history of design. Banca Sella has also adopted a car, click here to find out which one. 

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Profumo di Alfa 4 Ukraine

The third appointment with Profumo di Alfa magazine coincide with the arrival of Cinemalfa Aid Raid! Also, the money we will get from the event will be donated to the FCTO fund for Ukraine

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A precious project 

One of our projects, “Tradition is guarding the fire – Sustainable mobility for Generation Z” has obtained funding from the Fondazione Comunitaria Ticino Olona and we are really proud of it. Want to know more?

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New Quadrifoglio 1990 

Every month we go down to our archive, the Cozzi.Lab, to leaf through together the magazine that from the 1960s onwards has been considered the magazine of the true Alfista. This month we read together the numbers of the New Quadrifoglio of 1990, a very important year for Italy starting from the legendary World Cup. 

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